Debut Post | Happy 4th of July!

Debut Post | Happy 4th of July!

[dropcap style=”1″]J[/dropcap]uly 4th, the day a new nation was born. Risks were high. The future bright, the path unclear. One thing was certain: they had crossed the line and there was only one direction: Forward.

So, it seems a very fitting day indeed for the my inaugural post here at Torben Photography.  This week, I launch Torben Photography (llc). The mission: Carve out my niche and share my passions professionally with the world.

Is everything ready? Everything perfected? Nope. There’s a raft of activity behind launching any new business, large or small. Nonetheless, I believe it’s important to, in Seth Godin fashion, Ship It!  Give birth to the dream and kick it out the door into the real world.Torben Photography_July 4th_Fireworks_Inaugural_Launch

The site will be quickly evolving. The Services section will appear. As will email signup, RSS feeds, additional portfolios, and the like.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me.  And, while the site evolves, feel free to contact me directly to do business.

Torben Photography’s open for business!

Email JT
Call 734 516 0139

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