Challenging Light & Chocolate Boxes

Challenging Light & Chocolate Boxes

At a real estate shoot this week I encountered a significant lighting challenge.  When you show up to shoot a property, it’s a lot like Tom Hanks’ character Forrest Gump’s quote, “…Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

In this case, I had a nice blend of incandescent (warm, yellow), flourescent CFL (cool, green), and daylight. Mixing two light sources can make finding a happy white balance (balanced, consistent light temperature) a challenge. Having three…

1153 Tartan Lane 48390

In this situation, the ‘monster’ was the direct daylight. A cloudless day, the brilliant sun reflected off a fresh white concrete patio through the door wall.  It served as a reminder to me to avoid shooting middle of the day when there are no clouds to help diffuse the exterior studio lamp God created.

Fortunately, select use of lights, angle, and blending of images at different exposures made this image possible. The kitchen, with a very attractive over-sized island, is a feature of the developer, Old Towne Builder.

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  1. Hello Ruthmarie,

    I agree, there is certainly a cost-benefit consideration. The less expensive the home, the harder it can be for the agent to justify the expense.

    Thanks for stopping by; I appreciate your comment.



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