We Crossed the Line This Week

We Crossed the Line This Week

Yes, we did. We really crossed the line this week. Went from ‘late Autumn’ to ‘Winter’s knocking, hard’ in just a few days.

The ‘switch’ always seems to happen like that. The motorcycles are now bedded down, leaves raked, lawn mowers cowering in a corner, and…photography changes it’s clothes.

Now, rather than looking for pretty trees, foliage (of any kind), and gals in bikinis (on or off a motorcycle<g>), I find the challenges of winter shooting have arrived.

For instance, now, we see more in the way of ‘abstract’ work.  This frozen sandbar, locked in place, as one example.  The ice? It’s really water ‘in abstract’ me thinks. Another form of abstract: More black and white photography.Torben Photography - Lonely Tree

Winter shooting is, for me, more challenging. I’m not sure it’s a matter of there being less going on. Some may argue that’s certainly the case.  It certainly is a case of more effort being involved.  After all, come May, I won’t be ‘wearing’ my battery packs any more so they stay warm enough for more than 10 shots<g>.

As Winter invades your photography shooting, how does it change what you shoot?  Or, do you park the camera and turn into a Photoshop driver?

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