Shooting Real Estate Pics: Look at What’s Nearby

Shooting Real Estate Pics: Look at What’s Nearby

Torben Photography_Plymouth Ice Festival - (3)Being a real estate photographer is about more than just slapping pictures on the MLS. At least I believe it is. A home is more than just bricks, stone, drywall, and paint.

Being a real estate photographer is about capturing the essence of the home and the area it resides in.

Torben Photography_Plymouth Ice Festival - (8)For instance, consider a home in Plymouth, Michigan.  There are many pretty, attractive, or simply appealing homes in the bedroom community. But Plymouth’s appeal is more than just city blocks adorned with attractive houses.

A key feature of Plymouth is its strong central identity. To live in (or near) Plymouth is to appreciate its identity, its strong sense of community.  Perhaps the greatest anchor for the city’s personality is Kellogg Park, bounded by 4 streets, right in the middle of town.

Torben Photography_Plymouth Ice Festival - (10)The second weekend of January, Kellogg Park hosts the annual Plymouth Ice Festival. It is a great event to get out and enjoy. Take pictures, take the kids, take grandma too. I have yet to hear anyone complain about the cold once they’ve gotten there and started enjoying the sites. (Besides, there’s a Panera Bread and Starbucks, among other warm-u-up eateries, adjacent to the festivities.)

Events like these also give real estate photographers an opportunity to add to their ‘area amenities’ portfolios. It’s always nice, when it works out, to be able to add something special to a home’s listing photographs.

This year, my favorite is the purple(ish) duck.



Torben Photography_Plymouth Ice Festival - (1)

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