High Quality Images Do Sell Properties

High Quality Images Do Sell Properties

In the southeast Michigan area it seems that real estate agents have been slow to appreciate the value of quality images when marketing their properties, relative to other major markets.  As I continue to educate local realtors I periodically come across rather compelling, supportive information.

For this post, I discovered a couple posts worth highlighting and sharing with you.

The first is Karen Ferrara’s post. Karen is a real estate agent serving higher end markets in Hawaii. Sitting here in –9F, snowy, blustery Michigan, at the moment can make tropical Hawaii seem a stretch.  Here’s what’s important: All things are relative. Her market may not compare to yours. However you both sell in markets where you’re competing against others that are relative to yourself.

In other words, don’t worry that Hawaii doesn’t compare to Michigan. The message is that what works in one market can translate to your market!

Feel free to read through Karen’s post. Here are the salient points for you:

  • Buyers Find You:
    90% of buyers start their search online. 42% find their future home online.
  • First Impressions Matter:
    Online visual expectations are high, attention spans short. Beautiful images stand out (139% more likely) than do pics shot with an iPhone or point ‘n shoot.
  • Homes with Professional Photography Sell for More Money:
    If you have seen one of my presentations, or received a flyer from me, you’ve seen the numbers. In 2009, Redfin did a study of 100,000 listings and found this to be statistically proven (A Picture is Worth a Thousand Dollars. True or False?) Late 2013, they refreshed their findings and found its just as true now, as it was 5 years ago.Karen’s perspective: It makes such a difference she ‘picks up the tab.’

Does using professional photography really drive positive behavior online? Karen points out that, in one listing, she received 1,149 hits in 4 days, compared to a competitor’s listing in the same subdivision (shot from an iPhone, or point and click) getting 585 hits in 11 months.”

But, Karen’s Not Alone!

Unique Exposure Photography reports very similar numbers. For instance, they report Papilios Real Estate Photography examined listings using their photos, compared to click rates for others, in the same MLS area and Zip Code. They found listings with pro photos generated a 139% greater CTR (click through rate).

Focused in the Dallas/Ft Worth Texas markets, Unique Exposure Photography found around 1/3 of listings are marketed with professional photography.  My own findings at Torben Photography has found it to be far less.  What’s this mean for a southeast Michigan Realtor™? It means its even easier for your listings to stand out, using quality imagery.

Wrapping It Up

Admittedly, this is a self-serving promotional piece designed to encourage your using Torben Photography for your real estate marketing needs. That does not discount some very real-world observations with actual results. Whether you hire Torben Photography, or not, and I hope that you do: If your business is selling and/or marketing real estate, you really need to consider what professional photography can mean for you, your business results, and your clients.

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