Remember the Common Areas

Remember the Common Areas

The parallel to Using Feature Photos to Over Deliver, is to remember to capture shots of your property’s common areas.

Commercial properties, whether in Class A office buildings, or mutli-unit residential complexes, almost always have common areas accessible by their tenants.  These common areas are often key points of attraction that can make or break their interest.

Torben Photography - Playscapes - Real Estate PhotographyFor instance, young families with small children are easily swayed by the quality of play areas for their children.

Green grass is nice. Shiny playscapes are even nicer. Since over 90% of people start their search for a new home online, they won’t know about your shiny playscapes unless you post images.

The condition and upkeep of other spaces can also speak volumes about what it will be like to live somewhere, conduct business at one of your facilities.  Torben Photography - Office - Real Estate Photography

Torben Photography - Computer Room - Real Estate PhotographyConsider what the following image says about computer accessibility to low-income tenants:

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