Meet a Rider–Steve Gross

Meet a Rider–Steve Gross

Last year, my friend Steve Gross had just finished restoration work on his Ducati 750 F1. An ‘85 if I recall correctly. It dovetailed nicely with a motorcycle photo shoot I was about to do.

Steve made arrangements with me to do some extra work following a larger group shoot already scheduled. It worked out really well.  We had a great day weather-wise, not too hot, not too cool, and the light worked well with us.

Steve’s bike, and by extension the photos I took, has proven popular this year.  It was the May pin-up for the North American Ducati Calendar.  I was really tickled his bike was selected.  I’ll admit, having some of my images helping out isn’t bad either.


So I’m really tickled, again for both Steve and I, to see him be interviewed by Bike-urious.  Steve gave an entertaining interview you’ll enjoy reading. And, well, a couple of the photos weren’t bad either<g>.

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