Real Estate Photography: How Many Pictures?

Real Estate Photography: How Many Pictures?

A very common question I receive, is, “How many pictures would you suggest for my home?” The clients asking the question are generally homeowners or real estate agents with modest experience working with a photographer.

Of course, there is no pat answer. In my Real Estate Services section, I do provide some Untitledrecommendations based on experience.  The short answer is: However many it takes for you to achieve your goals.

What might your goals be?

  • MLS – Real estate photography for multi-list services frequently falls in the category of ‘documenting’ a property.  If MLS is your sole goal, you may select the number based on your budget as well as the # images your local MLS supports.
  • Getting the Next Listing—If you’re a real estate agent, using professional images is as important for today’s listing as it is about getting the next listing.  Your current clients will love what you’re doing to market their property; future clients will see what you have done…and want the same.  Your future client just might be today’s client, too!
  • Brand Development—Top producing real estate agents are invariably known for something. That something is their brand. As a real estate agent you are your own marketing agency and a key component behind every marketing campaign is highest-quality imagery available.

Torben Photography - Commercial Real Estate (1)As photographer, my goal is to deliver high quality images regardless of your application. Some images find their ways to publications, to photo books, and many grace MLS listings.

So, back to the question of how many. Generally my objective as photographer is to use the images to help tell the story of your property, to flatter it, to make your viewers want to see more. To pick up the phone and say, “I want to see that property!”  The image count is tied to how long the story is that needs to be told.  Larger homes often require more photographs.

There is a paradox to the ‘larger home’ equaling ‘more photographs’ though. That is attractiveness.  The more attractive a home (or commercial space), the more there is to shoot. Nicer homes tend to have more things worth photographing.  If the property in question is a trash dump, one picture is all that’s required to tell the story.

Once your have your goals clearly outlined in your mind, it makes it easier for me to help you decide just how many images you need. Conventional middle-class home, perhaps 20.  Large high-end home, perhaps 35-50.  But, if your goal is ‘20 for MLS,’ that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with ‘20’ for that high-end home.

For more help on the topic, in the next article, I’ll discuss, “What Get’s Shot & Why.”

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