Top 10 Things I’ve Photoshop’d Out

Top 10 Things I’ve Photoshop’d Out

Gorgeous weather today and I’ve spent much of the day indoors getting ready for the real estate photography season that’s just starting.  Figure this might be a good time for a dash of humor.

When shooting real estate photography I help clients out by providing them with a Pre-Shoot Checklist. Helpful for everyone, especially since there are some suggestions you just might not think about otherwise.  It also helps make sure no one ever thinks your home belongs on other lists like

Even so, things happen. So here’s a mix of most frequent as well as classic:

  1. Me
    It’s rare, but sometimes if you’re in a room of mirrors, typically master baths, it can be unavoidable and sometime to fix after-the-fact.
  2. Power cords
  3. Vehicles
    Despite planning and best intents, the shot you need has a car in it. Sometimes it doesn’t matter. But if it’s in front of your house, it matters.
  4. Errant tree branches
    Sometimes, if its just a twig, a little virtual pruning can be done later on.
  5. Dirt
    Sometimes clients’ idea of clean doesn’t match what the camera sees.  If you can see it, the camera will definitely see it.
  6. Leaves in swimming pools
    Easier than using a pool screen, though I’ve used them too, Photoshop zaps leaves quicker than you can go p’Zap!
  7. Fingerprints
    Brother, or sister, to Dirt, it never fails to amaze me how ‘no one saw that’ during cleaning, staging, or photography. But darned if those little rascals don’t show up like sore thumbs on occasion.
  8. Oxygen tanks
    There are some things you just cannot or do not mess with.
  9. Chipmunk
    Little guy just wouldn’t take the hint. p’Zap!and, my favorite
  10. Yellow snow.

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