Selling Your Home in Early Spring?

Selling Your Home in Early Spring?

Early Spring, at least in the US’ Midwest, is like a season all to itself. Especially if you’re looking to sell your home and cannot wait for flowers to bloom, trees buds to burst, and grass to turn green.

Canon 16-35 f2.8I think early Spring is worse than the depths of Winter in many ways.

At least with Winter, you have a decent chance fresh snow will leave a nice clean coat of white. Everything beneath buried and hidden from view. Not ideal, but…

…better than contending last year’s dead foliage and brown leaves. We won’t even talk about what your dogs may have done to your yard the past few months.

So, if you’re going to sell your home now, in early Spring, I wanted to share a few thoughts on areas to focus on. From a photographer’s view point, the things that will make a big difference in how your home is perceived.

TP-20150321-0026If the cold weather of late Autumn go the better of you, and you put off grooming the gardens, now is the time to do some basics.  You will probably have become numb to the view of dead foliage, piles of leaves, and flattened mulch.

The problem is, your prospective buyers will see it as fresh as if it happened overnight. They’re looking at your home (or commercial property, for that matter) with an unvarnished eye. They’re willing to accept that it’s early Spring and the yard won’t be at it’s best.  But it’s hard for the mind to truly get past the ‘yuck’ in the picture.

…it’s hard for the mind to truly get past the ‘yuck’ in the picture…

TP-20150321-0028In the picture to the left, you can see how even a little bit of work starts to render big improvements. Before this was taken, 6 ‘dead’ rose bushes had been in full rotting bloomWinking smile.  Simply trimming them to the ground served to not only remove the eyesores, but also open up the yard giving it a more spacious feel.

Any opportunity to create a more spacious feel is important, indoors or out.

So, make sure you get outside, before the realtor’s sign goes up, certainly before you have me out with a camera, and do some basic grounds work.

Torben Photography - Commercial Real Estate (1)If you think about it, after you’ve done your basic work, consider breaking the lawnmower out. It can give a bit of a fresh look to the lawn. At the same time it’ll act like vacuum and mulch or suck up a lot of debris.  The difference can be huge.

Here are a few bonus suggestions if you have the time to tackle them:

  • Windows – Clear out any cobwebs, wash them if you can.
  • Garbage Zone – Tidy up around the trashcans if you keep them outdoors. Pick up the little stuff that might not have made it ‘in’ the can over the winter.
  • Garage – While the garage generally does not get photographed (see: What Get’s Shot & Why) people will want to see it. Is a dash of tidying needed?
  • Snow Shovels – Don’t rub it in, the snows gone we hope, so put them away. Don’t leave them in a corner by the door.
  • Entry Mats – Pick them up, shake ‘em out, sweep around them. They’re very efficient crap-catchers and something you’ve probably not thought much about.

Before your photographer comes to shoot, whether its me or another, these sorts of things can help tremendously.  So, here’s to your rapid success in selling your real estate, home or commercial.

Readers: What other suggestions might you have?  Comment below.

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