Need Pic: Your Motorcycle & You…Moving?

Need Pic: Your Motorcycle & You…Moving?

While I really enjoy doing real estate shoots, I have the most fun doing motorsport photography…and motorcycles in particular. With 30 years’ riding under my belt I can tell you the #1 motorcycling pics everyone seems to have are ‘gas station’ pics.

For those who don’t ride, the challenge is, if you’re riding there’s no one around to take the picture…until you take a break…at a gas station, parking lot, hotel…coming, going, or worn-JTP-20130428-1100out along the waySmile.

JTP-20070623-0201JTP-20120914-0442Early Morning at the Bellaire Inn


The problem is, as nice, as nostalgic as some of these can be…they’re static…and don’t capture the rider doing what it is they love.

If you or someone you know might like a photograph of their self while riding, help get us in touch. I’d enjoy making it happen for them.  We’re in the middle of the season, so don’t wait too long…it is amazing how fast the time flies.

The feature image, above, and those below, was from a recent group shoot.It was a blast. Gorgeous day.  We had friends, a couple, father & son, and others. Great way to spend a day creating life long memories.

TP-20150606-0172 TP-20150606-0183
TP-20150606-0102 TP-20150606-0066

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