Quick Post – Lighthouses & Travel

Quick Post – Lighthouses & Travel

Most of my posts are more polished, bit more ‘structured,’ if you will.  This week, I have been, and continue to do a good bit of travel. Thought you may enjoy.

This weekend, I took two days to motorcycle a good chunk of the shoreline of Michigan’s (USA) lower peninsula.  The goal was to take some time and get away from it all.

Mixed in though was a little bit of goal setting. A member of the MSTA, Motorcycle Sport Touring Association (www.ridemsta.com), I am also participating in a rally. Basically, bag ~14 lighthouses in Michigan, before the end of the riding season.

This weekend, I rode 1,046 miles in 37.5 hours. Weather was great!  And, along the way, I visited 7 lighthouses.  Michigan’s full of ’em:).

Now, I’m on my way to do some work in Paris, France. If you need my services, I’ll be back later this week. Just drop me an email.  And, if I get a chance, I’ll see if the opportunity to act like a tourist presents itself. Maybe we’ll get some pics worth sharing (ableit unprocessed, since I’m away from the office).


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