Michigan’s Lighthouses

Michigan’s Lighthouses

Michigan is host to dozens of lighthouses. Spanning Upper and Lower Peninsulas, Michigan actually has more lighthouses than any other state (Pure Michigan Lighthouses). If you’re looking for something to do this Summer, consider touring one or more of them.

GLLKA - Michigan ListingOdds are, there is more than one close enough you can drive to, visit, and be back home the same day.  If you’re a Michigan resident, whether you’re in Iron River, St. Louis, or Lansing, Michigan, there’s a lighthouse less than 100 miles away.

Check out this graphic from the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association (GLLKA).

If you string them together, you could spend an entire week’s vacation just visiting a few of them.

Over the years I have enjoyed visiting a number of the State’s lighthouses.  Earlier this month, I rode the circumference of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. I only scratched the surface, visiting ‘7,’ and traveling 1,535 miles in just 37 hours.  Surprisingly, I’d visited one, thinking it was new to me, only to find pictures that showed I’d been there 10 years ago!

Pointe Aux Barques LighthouseMichigan’s lighthouses come in all flavors. I’ve only see two that are achingly similar, the rest have no twin.Sturgeon Point Lighthouse

TP-20150702-0031One of my favorites–and it really is hard to nail ‘one’–is certainly Presque Point Light Station is the LP’s northeast. Not only attractively placed, the “New Presque Isle Light” is the tallest lighthouse tower accessible by the public on the Great Lakes.

At 189′ feet, it gives you some awesome views. I just wish it were open for twilight photography.

While the vast majority of Michigan’s lighthouses have been retired, some, like Presque Point Light Station, are still in service.  The large Fresnel lenses are gone, as are the light keepers, replaced with automated lights.


As nostalgic and grand as the lighthouses may be, I encourage you to take tours when visiting. Sometimes the tours reveal hidden features rivaling the lights themselves.

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