Spring, Rain, and RE Photography

Spring, Rain, and RE Photography

When clients call looking to schedule real estate photography, a primary concern is: rain. Yep, rain’s here in Michigan, fairly often this time of year, so it’s a natural concern. So I wanted to take a moment to discuss it.

The first thing I want my clients to know, is, I am keenly interested in your satisfaction with the products and services I deliver. The goal is to minimize scheduling hassles and deliver quality.  While Torben Photography does have a 24 hr cancellation policy, I’d rather not use it.

I am keenly interested in your satisfaction with the products and services I deliver.

Opposite what one might think, cloudy or overcast skies are actually helpful when shooting most interior images. Professional real estate photographers, including Torben Photography, are prepared to deal with bright windows and dark rooms. Even so, the closer the outdoor lighting is to the indoor lighting, the easier it is to capture an image. As the client, you see this in the shoot going faster.

Most of the time, rain storms move right through and it is quite possible to shoot exteriors before, after, or in-between squalls.  It’s rare that an entire shoot needs to be scrubbed as a result.


In the Davis Creek example, there was an active thunderstorm moving through as I arrived. An hour later, after interior shots were done, we had blue skies and white clouds starting to make an appearance.

That said, if you do feel the need to cancel a shoot due to weather—or any other reason—simply make sure to call at least 24 hours in advance to avoid the cancellation fee.

Sometimes a customer does want a shoot to happen regardless. In these cases interior shots can still be done and a 2nd visit done for exteriors scheduled ($75 plus travel).  However, if the weather is unquestionably deplorable, Torben Photography reserves the right to reschedule.

Questions? Reach out to photog@torbenphotography.com

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