Commercial Activity Picking Up

Commercial Activity Picking Up

The traditional view is that real estate activity falls off significantly during the Winter season.  This is certainly true for Residential properties.

However the past few years I have noticed exactly the opposite happens for Commercial properties.  Tied to corporation’s fiscal calendars, many property owners, investors, and property management firms become very active in January.

Like a mid-Winter thaw, for real estate photography businesses like Torben Photography, llc, this offers a fresh burst of activity January through mid-February. Then, in late-March, residential volumes begin to start picking up again.

If you have a commercial property you’re considering selling, I ask you consider Torben Photography for your needs. Whether for online use, in-office brochures, or the prospectus you need to create, quality images are important.  You’re selling a multi-million dollar asset, don’t skimp on presenting it with strength.

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