Gobsmacked! Good Word for This

Gobsmacked! Good Word for This

I have the privilege of shooting a very wide variety of homes. They range from modest to glamorous, plain to jazzed up, sub-1000 sq.ft to some closer to 10,000 sq.ft. As varied as the homes may be, their owners are often every bit as interesting. Yes, I’ve shot homes of NBA basketball players, automotive and marketing execs. I’ve also been amazed by a single parent with 4 kids and a home that’s a showplace (that one really amazed me), or retirees simply wanting to downsize and move into town.

This attractive, but modest view belies what is just beyond the front door.

Among all these variations, 2 or 3 times a year I’m gobsmacked by a home that pleasantly surprises me. These might be a home that seem to match the neighborhood, but once you look past the front door are unexpectedly stunning.

And, that’s the case with this home.

From this approach, the viewer is treated to a well-dressed, modest home, in Royal Oak, Michigan. The mature trees serve to hide what might otherwise hint at what’s beyond the front door.

A short walk around the corner, you get a big hint: this isn’t the little house on the corner.

Room after room, feature to feature, this home just kept on delivering. If you’d like to see more of this home, just visit the 329 E University gallery.

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