Ludington’s Lighthouse

Ludington’s Lighthouse

Life’s not all real estate photography. Wanted to share a quick post today. Been busy. Relatively short notice, my wife and I took off on our first overlanding trip this past weekend. Toured Michigan’s northwest Lower Peninsula. First day of Spring brought us near-60F temps and was a blast.

Our last night on the road, coming out of a restaurant, caught a glimpse of an awesome sunset starting to shape up between buildings. It was an incredible sight with the water seeming to glow a turquoise color. While the glowing water disappeared by the time I got into position, what remained still made for an enjoyable picture.

Ludington Breakwater Lighthouse

If you like the picture, click on the image. You’ll be able to download a 16:9 4K image to use as your computer’s desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

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