Cleaning Homes Before Shoot?

Had to smile today when encountering this Wall Street Journal article, Real-Estate Agents Clean House. The journalist asks a couple real estate agents about their experiences. I smile, because I’ve seen these situations. In 7 years’ shooting commercially, there have been instances–fortunately rare–where a property simply wasn’t ready. In most cases, even when advising against the shoot, the client asked the shoot be done anyway. The pics are for marketing…

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Date: February 14, 2017

Author: JT

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What is a REAL Camera?

Need a real camera? Well, what does that mean? Two people are talking, an author and a photographer. The Author says to the Photographer, “I’ve seen your work. You must have a great camera.” The Photographer responds, “I’ve read your books. You must have a great typewriter.” Odds are, something like this really has happened over time. It does get the point across. Many professions require a specialized set of tools…

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Post-Election Real Estate Bang!

The last few months leading into the US’ presidential election definitely saw a slowdown in real estate photography, at least here in the Midwest. There is always a normal pre-holiday slowdown. Few people want to be moving on Christmas Day, after all.  However major elections also cause people (individuals and businesses alike) to hold their breath. This year, starting about 10 days after the election it seemed everyone stopped holding their…

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Shooting RE Photography Can Be Downright Fun!

I really enjoy shooting RE (real estate) photography. At times it can be down right fun. In this case, a single mother wasn’t ready for me when I showed up. Her daughter was a real dynamo and, for some reason, enjoyed following me around from the moment I arrived. So, I did two things. I shot rooms as mom finished them, balancing inside and outside work. And, entertained her daughter….

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