Date: September 13, 2015

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Want Interesting? Change What’s In Front

There’s an old saying attributed to National Geographic’s Jim Richardson, “If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.” It’s reinforced by Elliott Erwitt, what says, “Nothing happens when you sit at home…”  And, of course there’s practice, practice, practice.

If you’re photographer, amateur or pro, remember:  If you want to take more interesting pictures, you have to get off the couch. This morning I rolled all three of these thoughts together. After a pleasant coffee with my daughter, I dropped her at work and found myself with a glorious morning and no immediate plans. It was cloudless, still early in the morning, and I had a new lens I’d just acquired that needed some practice time.

Rolling across the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor (Canada), the driving intent was to do some practice. Yet, at the same time, I had never taken my own set of Detroit pictures from Windsor’s Riverside park, on the other side of the Detroit River.


I’m really tickled I was out the door, heading someplace I don’t normally go, looking for something more interesting (to me) to stand in front of. (After all, it isn’t like there aren’t already 10,000,000 Detroit pictures of the same ilk).

There were only a handful of people out and about. Spoke with some fisherman dockside. An enjoyable chat, they might themselves make for engaging pictures.  Maybe next time…they are reportedly there every morning, including most Winter days.


Yes, there were certainly some ‘good’ pictures to be created this morning.  God helped see to that; His canvas was laid out in all it’s splendor.

My earlier quotes really came to mind once back at home reviewing the pictures.  Twisting their words a tad, if you want to take more interesting pictures, you have to get off the couch.

Case in point, here I was riverside, looking for shoreline, skyline, marine oriented images, when out of the blue I stumble into Engine 5588, the Spirit of Windsor.

Spirit of Windsor

Talk about finding something more interesting to stand in front of!. I have seen hundreds of Detroit Skyline photographs taken from the Canadian side of the river. But never, not once, have I seen a shot of the skyline with a steam locomotive in front of it! (Click the image to download a 1920×1080 wallpaper of this shot)

Sprit of Windosr 450x-2

If you’re photographer, amateur or pro, remember:  If you want to take more interesting pictures, you have to get off the couch.

Everyone will appreciate it, starting with you.

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